Research and Application of Isolated Fractured Pillars Mining Technology Under High Horizontal Stress
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KeyWord:high horizontal stress; fractured pillar; numerical simulation; induced collapse
PAN Guihai1 1. 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司,北京;2. 广西华锡集团股份有限公司铜坑矿,广西 河池
WANG Huxin1 1. 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司,北京;2. 广西华锡集团股份有限公司铜坑矿,广西 河池
YU Shibo1 1. 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司,北京;2. 广西华锡集团股份有限公司铜坑矿,广西 河池
HE Xiaowu2 1. 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司,北京;2. 广西华锡集团股份有限公司铜坑矿,广西 河池
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      Open stoping with subsequent rock filling method and composite caving mining method were used for the mining of No. 92# ore body of Tongkeng Mine. For lack of timely and thorough treatment of goaf, rib spalling and roof fall often occurred in the reserved panel columns for high horizontal stress, and many isolated fractured pillars were formed. In this paper, the 201# line island rupture zone column was used as the test stope. The rock integrity test was conducted to evaluate the stability of the bottom structure of the stope. The numerical simulation method was utilized to analyze the rupture evolution law of the block column and evaluate the fracture column induction, and the feasibility of caving. and the “partial empty field-induced caving method ”combined mining was applied to achieve the collapse of the collapsed pillar. The dilution rate of test stope was decreased from 29.4% to 17.5%, and the loss rate was reduced from 43.8% to 26.3%, achieving good safety production effect.. The work can provide technical reference for other fractured pillar mining under similar mining conditions.